Upon your registering on or website, you're assigned a unique JF-ID Number which you can use in any reference and can lead to every activity carried on your username (account)

You're responsible for any kind of activity, or transaction that is made on your account (relating to your username or JF-ID number), we will not be held responsible for this.

We do not carry any unauthorize activity or transaction on your behalf, except when permission is granted or where it's a case of necessity.

We store and process your data (profile information) on computers that are protected with a good protection measures in place and in accordance with the Federal Republic of Nigeria Data Protection Act, and As a registered company under Cooperate Affairs Commission institution, we're subjected to the Nigerian law.


We do not save your credit card details which includes your card number, CVV number, Card Holder's number and card pin, All payment processing are processed and automated by (we will be including more payment methods in the near future to serve you better)

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