The Australian Rapper Iggy Azalea popularly known for her song Black Widow confirmed on her Instagram handle that she has a son, and she has kept this to herself for a very long time waiting for the right time to share the great news to the world, but the more she waited, the more time passes and she feels anxious about sharing the great news with the world.

However, she gave a simple reason for not making this known for a long time, that she only wanted to keep his life private, adding that she just wanted to make it clear that her son is not a secret, she loves him with her heart.

Iggy Azalea present relationship status is unknown, she went through a mental health after she broke up with her engaged fiance, Los Angeles Lakers Basketball player, Young Nick, in 2015, the ex-lovers were living together in their California home when Iggy said she caught him cheating on security surveillance camera in their home.

Nicki Minaj is being trolled for making a song with 6ix9ine, the New York Rapper who is also a convicted criminal and has just been released from prison due to the pandemic, announced a second single which will be featuring Nicki Minaj, while the title of the song is "Trollz". Some fans are against her actions while other barbz are defending her for making a song with him.

6ix9ine is presently under house arrest as he is not yet a free man. He was convicted for a federal felony in October 2018, and sentenced to 2 years in prison after he pleaded guilty to federal racketeering, firearms charges, and for funding gang members who carried out series of killings on a rival gang. 6ix9ine was recently released due to his cooperation in federal custody. And has since already dropped a single titled "Gooba" which became a success.