We are going to discuss six easy ways to make progress or improve some aspect of our daily life. And we will continue the list tomorrow.

Wake up early - waking up early in the morning is a good way to make progress, by doing so, it gives you a lot of time to carry out your daily activities and accomplish more in a day. Waking up early makes you not just to be productive but also makes you healthier. However, if you are not used to getting up early, there are lots of factors that can help you to train yourself in doing so. One of the most important things to do is to try and go to bed early and set an alarm. If your alarm successfully wakes you up then don't try to relax a little bit because you're likely to go back to sleep, after a month. It becomes a part of you.

Read daily. - Reading does not necessarily mean you will have to carry a book and start reading, ask yourself questions you do not know, and find answers on Google search, Bing. Acquiring new knowledge every day is a great idea for exposure, knowledge, and potentials.

Eat well - eating is our everyday habit but when you abuse it or you're not eating right then it may cause a negative effect on your body. Eating well entails eating the right foods, taking the right amount of food and drinks. And knowing when and when not to eat. Eat healthy.

Love yourself. - love the things you do and find passion in it. You can't do this without accepting the person you are. It also entails having self-respect, and create a positive image of your personality.

Judge less - I would say do not judge at all but if you must judge, judge less, by judging someone you're also defining your person, and who you're. Nobody is perfect.

Learn Skills - There are many skills you probably do not know yet, and a good way to advance your career is by acquiring more skills each day. Learn easy skills that are regardless of your profession. Focus more on the easy skills if you're already working. Take on a course.†

7. Be yourself.†

8. Find inspiration†

9. Learn skills

10. Help others

11. Invest

12. Network

13. Journal

14. Save money

15. Meditate

16. Automate

17. Get a mentor

18. Delegate

19. Set goals

20. Plan your day

21. Think big

22. Be productive

23. Track finances

24. Build a brand

25. Do more

26. Positive attitude 19. Fail fast

27. Spend wisely

28. Have purpose

29. Interact

30. Be ambitious