The most searched keywords in Nigeria right now when you want to search "How to.." is "How to be a yahoo boy and" How to be successful in Life". This article will explain everything about how to be a "yahoo boy" and the risks of being a "yahoo boy". It will also discuss how to be successful in Life, It will also discuss things you can do for free and earn from them.

Firstly the term "yahoo" is a local given name in Nigeria representing or referring to the name "fra-d" or anything fraudulent which includes cheating and obtaining money from someone. The word or phrase "yahoo boy" started when yahoo mail was largely used before Gmail took over.

So young Nigerians were using yahoo mails to carry out fraudulent activities, and people quickly formed a term "Yahoo Yahoo or yahoo boy" to refer to guys using yahoo mail. It's more than a decade and fraudsters are still referred to as "yahoo boy" while the repetitive word "Yahoo Yahoo" is a referring to the term "fraud".

Although, now that they use Gmail mostly to do most of the hideous activities, the name has been rebranded to "G boy". But the former is widely still used in Nigeria and known beyond Africa.

Now why is this sentence the most searched? "How to be a yahoo boy"? Because some people in Nigeria are always looking for ways to make it easier or faster in life and to them this seems to be the fastest and quick way as it sometimes pay while if you're unlucky you get nabbed at the start by the anti-crime authorities. Being a yahoo boy can be done not mostly on a laptop or phone because some yahoo boys carryout their activities in person and some don't even know their way around the internet or on the laptop.

The risks of being a yahoo boy "a fraud".

  • The crime system has been advanced not just in Nigeria but everywhere so it is almost impossible to get away with it, and not just when it is reported.
  • Almost all payment methods can be trailed back to it's owners except for Bitcoins as well as other Cryptocurrencies. (till now, Cryptocurrencies are the only currencies that owners are not known or have details).
  • The b-nk verification number attached to the account you will like to use has verified information on it so once reported, the owners can be trailed.
  • For example in Nigeria, depending on your crime when EFCC get a yahoo boy. You suffer the following looses.
  • Confiscation of all your owned properties, including monies found in your accounts.
  • You go to a minimum of 6 months in jail, depending on your financial crime in Nigeria.
  • You're rehabilitated before put back in the society.

And financial institutions like Interpol, when your file gets to them no matter where you are hiding, they are very good at this.

How to be successful in Life. (another popular searched keyword in Nigeria)

Nigeria have low job opportunities but only if you are looking at the wrong direction, most especially in the government, most of the successful people in Nigeria are business owners or business workers, or working under a company. So if you have graduated and have been looking for work and you have based your energy on a government work then by now you should know how difficult it is to find a job in the government. (Off topic discussion: most people in Nigeria believe in using an upper hand in the government in getting a work, well that is somewhat a fact, as many people tend to get their applications reviewed and accepted faster when they use someone inside.)

Now, what if i tell you, Nigeria have many income opportunities you can venture into? Without necessarily looking on government or searching the keywords "how to be a yahoo boy"?. This includes offline businesses, online businesses. And many more.Let's start by listing the business opportunities in Nigeria. (this is applicable to other African or other countries, as many of this countries uses the same system as Nigeria).

  • Uber business or commercial business (we will write about how to start an Uber business soon or registering your commercial vehicle to make more profit).
  • E-commerce business (we will write how to start a clothing, shoe brand or any other thing you want to start selling)
  • Local business, Saloon business.
  • Blogging and monetization. (this will be updated soon)
  • Online marketing, if you don't know how to be an online marketer then you can take a free course onGoogle digital skills.

All for free, and some of the Google certificates are offered for free. Google offers varieties of courses in different fields that will enable you advance your career or start a new career. And for a very short time, most of the course takes 2-4 hrs to complete while others that involve technical skills takes 28 days. And by the time you finish this, Google will certified you for that course which you can use to either get an internship or a job in an organization or even a company. And yes, the Google courses certificate are recognized worldwide and accepted in Nigeria and the whole of Africa.

  • Online influencer also very easy to start, and when you have been recognized, you get daily income for promoting or representing a business.
  • Selling your skills on (as you are now, there's a skill you have or you can master in one month that someone is presently looking for on Fiverr)

We will write more things you can do or create as a first or second source of income soon. And it may interest you that with the help of, most of this things are now slightly free to get.