Blogging will never be too late to start, and once your blog reach a stardom you will start earning money from it ranging from monetization through good website ads network to personal advertising among others.

And in this article, we are going to show you the step by step guide on how to create a free blog website or a personal domain website. We will give you the free tools and how to follow up.

STEP 1. Blogging Niche-Topic, Idea, Focus. Before we start, you need to understand that blog website is different from other type of websites like e-commerce website, forum websites among others. If you're venturing into blogging then you will need to pick the topics or have an idea about what will want to be blogging about, something which you love, what you're really good at and if you have a background in any kind of field which i believe if you're reading this then you have a background in a particular field, and people are eager to read about your background, the ideas and what you have to tell them. Pick a blogging niche, a blog niche is an idea or topic that you want your blog to be focused on, It could be business tips, entrepreneur and marketing, food recipes, fitness and healthy articles, science or physics, sports, celebrity news, local news, global or political news and many more.

STEP 2. Brand Name Or Domain Name. Now, you have picked a blogging niche or topic based on what you know you can do very well, then the next step is to pick and create a brand name for your business or blog, your brand name can help you in choosing a domain name or can serve as your domain name or subdomain, for example Jerryfrankson JF is our brand name and our website domain name is, the JF is gotten from Jerry and Frankson, you see how everything makes perfect now? You can coin a brand name from any name you like. It could be your english name.

STEP 3. How to create a free blog website.

There are several ways you can create a free blog website and they all act as sub-domain because they must end with the company host name, and they are completely free. Can you monetize or make money from a free blog website? Yes you can, and it's very easy to monetize.

We are going to discuss two types of free blogs you can create and how to create and monetize.

1. Google blogger, Go to Blogger and click CREATE YOUR BLOG, you will need a Gmail account in other to create a Google blog, so if you have already signed into your Google account then select your Gmail account and sign in, Create a title for your blog and click next, then put your brand name as your blog address. E.g Jerryfrankson and it will auto end as and click next, follow the rest rest of the simple instructions, you will see the layout displayed, choose any fancy one you want and how you want your blog to appear to visitors.

Congratulations, now you have your own free blog and you can start creating "New Posts" and it is very easy that every option is found on your dashboard.

How to earn money from blogger.

First of all you need to be at least 18 years or above if you are using Google Blogger and you want to monetize it by applying for Adsense. Major tips: You need to have a good amount of quality and original contents, original contents means writing blog posts on your own while avoiding copy and paste from other websites, you won't be qualified to apply. The rest of the Adsense policies can be found here Adsense Program Policies.

How to know if you're qualified to apply for Google Adsense.

If you're using Blogger for example, when you click on your earnings found on the top right on your Dashboard, you will see Google Adsense and also a note "you're qualified for the Google Adsense program" and if you're not qualified for it tell you your blog doe not currently qualify to apply for Google Adsense. For other domain websites, visit Adsense Policies to know more about application and qualifications.

How To Crete a Free WordPress Blogger: Creating a WordPress blog is also completely free and yes you can monetize your WordPress blog too using one of their monetization tools.To create a free WordPress blog.

  • Go to WordPress and click "Start Your Blog".

Unlike Google Blogger, you can sign up on WordPress with any mail of your choice without a Google account.

  • Put your email address.
  • Put your password and retype.
  • Then create your account.

Type the domain name you want, for example "Jerryfrankson" and it will also end like for the free version for life, no cost for renews if your WordPress blog ends with, but if you choose another free version that ends with your own choice then after a year, it will cost you to renew the domain and maintain it, you should see the prices below the blog for renews after 1 year.

Congratulations you have created your own blog for free, and you can start posting your articles.

How to make money from a WordPress free blog.

Use, it's a WordPress monetization tool, and they also have policies which you must follow, most of the major polices are original contents, quality contents and a good number of posts, after then you can just apply and Ads will start displaying on your WordPress site and you will be seeing your earnings.

There are also other monetization tools for WordPress blog which you can find out about on Google search engine.

What other ways can you earn from blogging? or how can you make money from free WordPress blog or Free Google Blogger?

You can check our free article here on different ways to make money and other ways to be earning daily from your website without necessarily waiting for ads networks. ways on how to earn money on your blog or website in 2020. Now this is a free version of creating a free blog.

While if you want to take control of website domain then it is advisable to buy your own domain name without having a subdomain for example instead of you will have and you will take control of it with a lots of benefits. With a main domain you can apply for Google Adsense and other varieties of ads networks but when it is a subdomain then you have to research the only ads networks available and limited to that blog host.

Having your personal domain and design have a lot of advantages, you can set up multiple categories to any level you want. You can have a shopping category, chatting forum category, a news category and many more, but a free blogger or WordPress blog have just one purpose (to blog: type new posts and share it) they even rarely rank high on search engines, how often do you search something on Google search engine, yahoo or Bing search engines and you see a post from a website link ending or That is because this free versions have limited versions but it is fine, you can push it up and reach many audience through social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and others and it can also appear on all search engines if you use the right and trendy keywords. Goodluck, and check our way latest articles to follow up.