In this article I'm going to show you how to earn free commissions or bonuses through PiggyVest (formerly PiggyBank) commission program, how to earn using their investify portfolio and also how to join Sterling Bank Affiliate Program and start earning monthly easily using your social media accounts.

PiggyVest, formerly PiggyBank is the first digital online savings in West Africa and when it launched in January 2016 it operated as only a PiggyBank(digital savings and safelocks) until last year in 2019 when it rebranded to PiggyVest with lots more features including investments, group savings, challenges, and later on a dollar portal.

How to earn PiggyVest commissions.

  • If your not a registered User, register with your real details which is completely free.
  • After registration, click on Account.
  • Click on Refer and earn N1000
  • Copy your referral link. (Your referral link looks like this

Anybody who sign up on your referral link, you get N1000 Naira, and it's easy to get upto 20-30 people to sign up on PiggyBank using your link, I've seen someone with 50 referrals on his link and he discussed how easy it was using the methods we are going to be discussing in this article. But for those monies to be valid, your referral need to make a deposit of any amount. Then you will be able to withdraw it to your local account for use or invest it, or save it for PiggyVest daily interest.

PiggyVest already have features you can just screenshot or screen record them as your marketing tools (to aid you in convincing your audience which we will discuss later).

First a screenshot of their recent testimonies, This is always found on their website

Under their Investify Option, you can see list of Investments companies listed their. This investment companies sell bonds for as low as N5000 Naira.

Under Savings, you can Join a Savings Challenge and and get a link to that Savings Challenge or a screenshot.

Alternatively, if you are embarking solely on being an affiliate marketer to be earning commissions from referring then I'll advise you to create a Savings Challenge and share the links to your audience while marketing your link. (give them a reason why they should Sign Up, and join the Savings challenge).Anybody can create a Savings challenge on PiggyVest.

How to create a PiggyVest Savings Challenge.

  • it's found under Savings
  • Click Create Target
  • Click "Start a Public savings challenge"
  • Give it a title like "Savings for emergency funds" or "Savings for a Small Business Start Up".
  • Select category
  • Select how you prefer you and your group to be saving.
  • And Tap Continue to create a Public Savings Challenge.

Now it's time to to make use of your social media accounts, nowadays you don't even need thousands of followers in other to get a message read over thousands, on Twitter, you can choose to share your link using multiple trending hashtags, and likewise your public savings challenge. (Your message will receive much attention in this way), On Facebook, their are over thousands of Nigerian groups and Pages that you can post or share your link to and you will see how effective this will be, it's only on Instagram that links are not click able on post. So target only Twitter and Facebook Users for fast effective referrals. Alternatively, WhatsApp too, fir family and friends and other friendly WhatsApp groups. This will yield you a good result if you going with the referral link and Public Savings link.

How to Earn Good Profits On PiggyVest Investments Units. (Investify).

PiggyVest Investify Portfolio is under the INVEST Tab where some approved companies post investments bonds /units, and it's being a business for a lot of people and it's profitable for a short-term, some investors normally buy it only to resell it immediately after its finished, the units are hardly available, and when it's available, some persons buy in hundreds which 1 unit normally cost N5000 or N1000, If you have N50,000 you can always be monitoring when this units are available, purchase about N50,000 Naira, and when it's available you will put yours on sell with your own set price. As those who are always late will end up buying it from you, while the portfolio have an option for users to post "Buy Offer". You can decide to sell it them if it meets your price. Or leave it to grow till the end of the contract. Good luck.

PiggyVest (PiggyBank) Honest Review, Benefits and Interest.

PiggyBank which launched in 2016 has really being saving lives, PiggyVest has helped thousands of Nigerians develop a Saving Culture, imagine earning interests while trying to save for a purpose, before the arrival of PiggyBank, what Nigerians used to save money was a Piggy Bank, a wooden made box by a carpenter with a small hole meant to take in only the currency note untill when its filled up or you have an urgency /emergency, then you will break it up. But nowadays, you only need a smartphone as you don't even need an internet to be able to save, all you have to do is Turn On Auto Save on your PiggyVest Account, it may be daily or weekly, don't worry if you don't have the money daily or weekly as it won't pend, it will only skip for that time untill you have money, so you don't even need an internet to be saving on PiggyVest. Literally, every feature in PiggyVest have an interest rate, ranging from their normal savings, safelocks or group challenges savings. And oh yes! They give you daily POINTS which you can convert to Naira, a Point in PiggyVest worth N10 Naira, each time you deposit, you earn a point. There are really lots of reasons why you should join, advocate for a savings culture. Lastly you don't need to fear about your money in PiggyVest as PiggyVest is licenced by SEC (securities and exchange commissions) and they operate with a microfinance licence.

An average Nigerian spends N1,000 to N2,000 Naira a day. Do you know that if you save that 1000 Naira daily for one year, you will be able to buy a Plot of land in your hometown? Which lands is so far till date the best investment to venture into in Nigeria.

Next on our discussion is Sterling Bank, The One Bank has introduced a lifetime affiliate program that you can earn for eternal starting from N750 as a start up per User (one bvn).