Creating a donation or contribution link for your website, business, brand, services or support is very easy in 4 steps with PayPal Donation Button or shareable link.

The most populous donation website is surprisingly not available in all countries, it operates in US, UK, Some European Countries, some Asian countries and just the few others, and it is not available in most African countries.


1. If you're an individual, business or you represent a brand, sometimes you may need to seek the public's support to support your dreams of achieving a particular goal that is beneficial to the public.

2. If you own a website, most especially a website that broadcasts news, then you need a support donation button or link to enable you continue providing reliable information. You can put this button at the end of your website which appears on every post., one of the world's leading broadcast uses a donation button and page on every of their news page. Why? Because√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?†Website monetization may not give you the earnings you are looking at most especially when you have a small traffic to enable you gain thousands of impressions, and visitors rarely click on ads.

3. If you are sick and you need help in funding your medical bills, you see most people going for Gofundme because it is the most popular and reliable company, it also gives room for pictures among other benefits, however there are some other websites donation that doesn't have limitations and are available in every country people just doesn't know that yet. So if you are not eligible for Gofundme or you don't meet the requirements then I'll advise you to simply use PayPal Donation Link.

How to Create a PayPal Donation Button in 2020.

1. Visit†

2. Register with your correct details and connect it to your card, if you already have an account with them then proceed to login.

3. Go to†

4. Choose your country, and customize how you want your button to look.

5. Write the purpose of the donation button or link (it is optional) write a very short purpose with a maximum of 20-30 words, this purpose is displayed when people click on your link. So make it worth.

6. Write Program name (for example "Support")

7. Set amount (leave it at "Any Amount") so your donors can donate any amount even if it's $1.

8. Click Next, Then click "Finish and Get Code"

9. You will see a "Button URL Code" This is to encode it on your website only, it appears on your website with the "PayPal Donation Button".

If you want to share your link individually on social media or to users in direct message and ask for donation or support. Then use the next option "Shareable URL" This link is your personal donation link and it looks like this†PayPal Donation Link.

If it looks too long for you can shorten it using† and it will be like this. "". This is our donation button, you can visit it to see how it looks and how yours will be when you want to create it.