The Iranian Government has issued an arrest warrant for US President Donald Trump and 35 others involved in the killing of General Qassem Suleimani. The arrest warrant was issued on Monday, an Iranian Prosecutor said.

Ali Alghasimehr, Tehran Prosecutor said the government have taken a decision to proceed on "Red Alert" arrest warrant for Donald Trump and other 35 personnels involved in the drone strike that killed Iran's most powerful General in January.

Iran is also seeking help from International Police and have asked the Interpol to help them secure the arrest of Donald Trump and 35 others includes some top US government officials and military personnels involved in the drone strike. Iran is calling it a "terrorist attack" and those involve a group of "terrorists".

It is however impossible for Interpol to act on this order as Interpol do not have the power to arrest a president not to talk of the president of the United States, and President Trump have immunity as other presidents and his immunity is only over after serving as a president and untill then not even the ICC (international Crimal Court) is allowed to come in.

The United States have sanctioned Iran since June, 2019 which have caused the country's economy to crumble most especially during this pandemic, Iran now faces two disasters at the same time, The coronavirus pandemic and economic crisis.

What this mean for president Trump, it will increase his negative ratings and affect his campaign in the bid to be re-elected as the president. Full Story. Trump's ratings across the country and Europe has been very poor, most especially on how he has handled the pandemic and racial crisis going on in the US everyday. Iran issuing a warrant now even when they know it's almost impossible for such an arrest to happen is intentional and will definitely affect Trump's native ratings and perception. Till date no country have issued an arrest warrant for a US President, while President Donald Trump becomes the first on the list even though the arrest is not going to happen.