According to the lady, Khassie who is a YouTuber, she worked with Funke Akindele for over one year and she was abused along with some of her colleagues emotionally, verbally and physically.

UPDATED: More allegations against Funke Akindele continues to spring up.

"If i open my friend's chapter with Funke Akindele ehn.... Just painful that most of them refused taking a legal action against her. Act of throwing her shoe at staff.

Should we discuss about breach of contract? Stating salary on paper, paying something else in reality Or the act of Funke Akindele keeping her staff at Amen Estate for days. You dare not call her Funke She's addressed as Hanty Funke.

Thanks to her sister, called Mama (the HR/Admin), who tries to calm the tensed& toxic work environment. But still, there's little she can do."

TWITTER REACTIONS." Funke Akindele stands accused of maltreating her workers and someone came out to say if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen I'm so baffled bcs I don't understand when we all decided dehumanizing employees is ok. This is rub***h"

"Most people that has worked for/with Funke Akindele always have some negative and toxic experience to share about her but they will never mention the good part... Human are insatiable Most of us have uncle and aunty that if you don't work or do anything for them dey won't give you money.. And they will still abuse you."

"I think we should drag the system instead of Funke Akindele. Cos las las what she is being accused of is what most, if not all hustling entrepreneurs are guilty of. The labour laws in Nigeria are so weak and porous many employers get away with a lot of nonsense."

Her friend took to her Twitter handle to raise the issue after Lady Khassie made a new Video explaining her experience. "She spoke about it on her YouTube channel a month ago and Funke's r**ts reported her page till YouTube took it down." she said

She posted on her Instagram with a 14 Minutes Duration video "About a month ago, I posted a lengthy video of my experience working with Funke Akindele. But the video was quickly brought down as a bid to shut me up. Naturally as a content creator, my instinct was to make another one right away but I couldn't bring myself to it due to the fact that I touched on a really sensitive topic (depression) and some experiences I passed through while working for her which was like opening old wounds and I needed time to heal from that.

I am indeed happy and relieved that I finally got to make another video in which I touched on a few things because truthfully, even if I was given a day I would still not be able to cover all the ills not just me but her staff face daily.

The experience has indeed taught me that not all that glitters is gold, literally! Looking back I just wondered how I endured so much when we were deprived of so many things. For instance, we couldn't watch TV (literally, the TV in our lodge was taken away weeks after we resumed) and she mustn't walk in on you watching anything on your laptop (can't tell you how many times she randomly sent people to come check if we were sleeping or doing anything asides writing). I mean, how do you expect your writers to be 100% productive when you don't allow them some leisure time? It didn't take me long to develop bloodshot eyes because there were days when we'd write all through the night, no sleep. We worked under DURESS AND FEAR. It is always about the script, the script is more important than you and your health.

P.S - For the few who asked why my character in the YouTube series 'HOUSEHELPS' was replaced, well... Because I chose to leave she asked that I be replaced (no surprises there)." @Khassie_

"I know other people (writers and actors) that worked with FUNKE that can testify to this Some won't talk because they are still in the industry and they are scared of what she can do to them. I'm not in the entertainment industry and I am not scared of her."

Publisher: Jerry Frankson.