A Nigerian lady by the name Bola Seyan alleged that she was sexually abused by Dr Funmilayo a UK based Doctor. But all that seems to be otherwise after some digging and findings.

15935046970.pngHowever before she started her story, she deleted her pictures taken in the residence of Dr Funmilayo in the UK and posted on the 20th of June.

It appears Funmilayo was dating Bola but things either went the other way round or the Doctor decided to move on. More than a dozen pictures have emerged online of Bola having a nice time with Dr Funmilayo and also taking pictures of herself in his apartment.

Twitter Reaction "Alot of things doesn't add up, why did she delete her pictures from her media before calling out Dr. Funmilayo?

Anyways since Twitter NG has decided that today is Our favourite online doctors dragging day, lets see how it all pans out."

"Before you drag Dr Funmilayo  this morning.. Let me drop this, so you that you go fit think am first.

As at 20th of June, which was just 10 days ago, Bola was posting pictures from her long-term abuser's crib? How come she deleted the pictures from her media?"

"This Dr Funmilayo's accusation needs to be properly verified before dragging. I know many of you have been waiting for an opportunity but such accusations need proof. @I_F_E_A_N_Y_I did some research and found out the two were dating or flatmates for sometime. His side is needed."

She started her own part of story yesterday, however we are yet to hear from the accused Dr Funmilayo. "Your fav influencer has sexually and emotionally abused me for so long, and I've been hiding it. I didn't want to say anything because I Desperately didn't want to be in the news for anything bad here. I kept telling myself it would be over soon. I cannot take it anymore!

Now you are calling people to call me and speak to me ba?!!! You are calling frantically. When you were sexually and emotionally abusing, you didn't know it would resort to this. Because Bola doesn't air dirty laundry, Bola is private, you think I'm stupid?

I have proof all these madness. And God in heaven knows I dread the negative type of attention but people deserve to know what a horrible human being this man is!!!! Horribly terrible!

Everyone is telling me to consider his profession and not say anything, I shouldn't say anything. How about how I feel? Everytime. I'm tired. I haven't done a thing to deserve this. I have lodged a formal complaint with the police today! I cannot and will not take this anymore!

We are both doctors. Both of us. And I've been too nice just because i thought it would end soon. You bully me everytime. You know I hate social media issues and you have a lot of followers so it's okay to do all these to me ba? Right!

I didn't press charges, only because you would lose your license to practise, and I cannot bear to carry that much guilt in my heart. Even with everything that you've done, I'm still not a mean spirited person. I leave you to God to judge you, and my head will judge you!

I'm irritated to say the least at those who think my life occurrence is a gist that's waiting to happen. You think I'm tweeting with eagerness and chappiness. You think I want to be in this position or it's a joke. I am hurting.

I am sad and I've never thought it'll resort to this l use God to beg our fellow medical doctors in my DM asking me not to tweet or let it go. Please and please, they won't abuse your children. Pls don't give me unsolicited advise. I didn't press charges even though the cops here in the UK asked me to, don't push it.

Your favorite online influencer also a medical doctor in the UK who always has an opinion on every topic on Twitter, he is morally upright on the Internet, yet does the exact opposite of what he preaches online, preaching against rape and doing the exact opposite in person.

I'm not the victim in this case thankfully!!! The women who went through same in the hands of this doctor and didn't have the courage to come out. Those are the real victims. Undermining my privacy for gullibility was his first mistake.

Online Bullies are the reason a lot of people do not narrate their ordeals in the hands of their so called favorite influencers.They have 150K+ followers, the fear of taking their supporters on dissuades people from coming forward. I have filed a complaint legally and done my part

Dr FUNMILAYO is the accused"