Chinese Researchers have found a new strain of influenza virus found in pigs in China and can possibly be transmitted to humans, "The G4 needs to be observed" according to scientists. "And this influenza needs to be studied because it can possibly cause a future pandemic."

Scientists say the G4 virus in China is already passed from animals to animals, and may pose a serious threat to humans too but there's 'no evidence' for human-to-human transmission. According to Chinese scientists.

The virus is being called G4 virus and is a family of the H1N1 virus that was responsible for the global pandemic in 2009. It was discovered during a research carried on pigs as from 2011 to 2018. Over 30,000 samples have been collected and during a laboratory test, researchers found at least 179 swine flu viruses in the pigs. It has drawn concerns because the G4 is increasing in pigs in China every year.

So far, there is no evidence that the virus will transmit from human to human but needs a serious attention as its rise in pigs which are consumed everyday may be a critical threat to the human health sector. And have called for a serious surveillance and containment.

Social media users on Twitter have reacted to the new virus and is calling for the new virus to be investigated to ensure there is really no human to human transmission. "No human to human transmission? They said the same thing about Covid-19." A user tweeted.


Meme images have been made in the past hours since Chinese Researchers made the announcement "Same story, same dialogue, different virus"

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