Ladies have hacked the campaign "fight against rape", they are now using it as a weapon against men. At the end of this article, we will review ways on how to avoid getting yourself into a wrong rape accusation or sexual abuse allegation.

In the past few weeks there have been many sexual abuse allegations on social media, but a recent investigation carried out posit that some of the rape accusations are actually false and are being made up by ladies to get back at their ex lovers. Designated as a "payback" to former boyfriends, ex-relationships. Some i assumed it is mainly because the relationship didn't end well, and it appears some ladies are getting away with it.

We are going to look at the most recent accusations and today's sexual allegation case. A lady by the name Bola wakes up to accuse her ex boyfriend of sexual abuse but before she did that she went through all her previous pictures and made sure she deleted every picture she took with the ex lover so that the public will believe there was nothing intimate.

Now why did she do this? A preliminary investigation showed the lady and the accused who are both doctors was never dating and but at some point lived together happily for a short while, different pictures of her in almost every part of the ex boyfriend's house emerged despite her effort to delete everything on the internet some were still found. So it appears this two were had something going on for a short while but the male doctor whose name is Funmilayo moved on while he may never have had the intention to marry her (but there's no such law that if you're dating someone then you must marry the person, or if someone dumps you then it becomes a sexual abuse), so this lady now used the opportunity during this period that sexual abuse isn't taking lightly, to tarnish the reputation and name of the male doctor, if you're someone who have a political ambition then you're over so you should expect this kind of sexual abuse allegations to be used against you during campaign right by your opponent or your enemies.

Due to the fight against rape, once a rape accusations is raised up by a lady, the accused trends on social media for days for an inferior act, so some ladies who are vile or malevolent are now using this as a weapon to get back at their ex boyfriends, ex relationships, or people who have flinged or hooked up with them even at a one time. Why? Because some ladies are like that, they never forgive nor forget, once you cross their parts they wait for the perfect day to end you.

There are many types of relationships of which being intimate with someone without necessarily going to marry him or her is among, but it appears some ladies have taken advantage of the situation and fight against rape and not just in Nigeria but the rest of the world, since they know the only way to get at someone who have dumped them is to accuse them of sexual abuse and ruin their name and career and trust me if you don't have good lawyers, after you trend and you're judged on social media for days, you may end up in prison.

How to avoid being wrongly accuse of rape or sexual abuse.

But we have some tips, most meet up and fun on social media, most especially on twitter end up to be called "rape" by the female who visited and their defense is always "I SAID NO" well if someone say NO then let that NO be NO but how do you defend yourself if you don't have the evidence that she didn't say NO when you two decided to meet up?

A young man on Twitter shared his view, he said even before the wrong rape accusations started, he had a practice, if he's meting someone on social media just for fun then he asks you what you want or engage the chat online. And only when you reply YES that anything will happen when you meet him. You see someone who is very conscious like that may never be wrongly accused of rape.

Another thing is that if you're meeting a lady just for fun but nothing else then you should let the person know that this meeting(s) and fun is not going to lead anywhere. Ladies may wrongly accuse you of sexual abuse because they expected the meeting and "after fun" to lead to a some sort of "Boyfriend Girlfriend" or serious relationship, some ladies may even be expecting an engagement from you for continuously meeting them, or hanging out with them or having fun with them, and when they don't get this, they may likely plot against you of which their latest tool of attack against men in 2020 is "Rape".

Again when you're inviting lady into your apartment and it's not something serious going on between you two, don't allow her to take pictures of your house, this includes the living room, bathroom and most especially your bedroom. For example this lady by name Bola Seyan claims she have being sexually abused all this while but she posted a picture 10 days ago taken inside the apartment of the male doctor.

Do not take pictures with her if she's not someone serious in your life, but how will you know she's not a good person or a malevolent person when 99% of such ladies appears to be saints or acts like saints untill the day you dumb them or decide to move on to your new found love. It is left for you to be very conscious to know the person you're dining with before being too relaxed.

If you're meeting someone for the first time, for your safety and to avoid horrible incidence like this, it is advisable you take her to a hotel instead of taking her to your home, there are so many advantages of meeting someone you're just seeing for the first time in a hotel or hang out spot, because what happens after you decide never meet the person again? By the time you have discovered, you have introduced your apartment(s) to hundreds of ladies of which one or two may decide to do what ladies are doing today, using your apartment or former apartments as the location of where it happened while they paid you a friendly visit and when it's more than one then it becomes very convincing and difficult to defend yourself.

Lastly always end every relationship before you move on to the next. Another thing, don't just erase or delete conversations with your ex, or a fling, if it is on WhatsApp use the Back Up option before you delete conversations with your ex girlfriend or boyfriend. When sexual allegations or a rape case arise against your person, you can then recover your chats with her to defend yourself.

Celebrities and social media influencers are the most vulnerable to rape accusations and sexual abuse allegations because it can affect their entire career and endorsement deals.

In the past few weeks not less than 7 celebrities have been accused of sexual abuse and Justin Bieber is among the top, luckily for him he had all the receipts to defend himself including chats, emails, hotel receipts and his location on the night of the "accused rape", after defending himself he said he will be proceeding to take a legal action. And this is how all men must be prepared, for every lady you meet if it is not your wife, keep something to defend yourself from her one day. 80% who don't have anything to defend or say they didn't do it is because they got carried away by "Love and Lust".

Does this article say there's no true rape allegations? No, there are many allegations that are true and law enforcement agencies are working with accusers, victims to validate them or take legal actions. So even as some men are being preyed during this campaign, we must all continue the fight to reduce and gradually end rape worldwide. And bring rapists to justice.

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Publisher Jerry Frankson.