How to start an online business made easy, the only thing you need is internet access and a smart phone.

More than half of the world now have access to the internet, approximately 4.57 Billion people as of June 4th 2020, with more than 7 Billion devices connected to the internet. Now imagine the number of people you can attract with your online business. In this article we are going to discuss how to Kickstart your online business, the tools you need and we will recommend some ideals for you.

If you're reading this then you have an internet access and a smart phone. Which are the only things you need to start an online business.

The next step is setting up your audience, your social media accounts, evaluating the type of audience you have before making a choice of the business you want to involve in. We are going to discuss a few business you can start with no capital, Yes you can start a business with no capital and there are many businesses, the only thing is that most of them requires applied intelligence or skills, and this skills are very easy to learn and also on high demand in the market.

How to set up your audience for an online business.

Business idea - Find a business niche or ideal, before you start selling your products or skills, you have to make sure you are selling the right products and skills that are on high demand and profitable for you except you're running a charity organization, one of the rules in being successful is to make sure "you pay yourself first". we are compiling a list of 30 most recruiting online business that are not only trending but on high demand.

Business Research - When you have made a choice of the type of business you want to run, the next step is to research. This is called market research, do some keywords research and trendy products. Your research should include the costs of everything including shipping and custom fees, and the possible interests rates for your products. And for skills, it should include audience research and trending and demanding skills. For blog or general website, your research should include a website niche (ideal) you want to focus and be writing about, something your website will be known.

Audience Evaluation: Evaluate the type of your audience you have or your target audience, their wants and needs.

Building Social Media Audience: Do you have any of this? A Facebook account, Facebook Page or group, Twitter page , Instagram page or LinkedIn Profile? Then you can transform your audience into your customers but if you don't have any of those or all of them then let's start with the world's biggest social media Facebook, set up a public Facebook page for your online business, or a discussion group and invite or add your friends to it or promote it for as low as $1 per day.

If you can't promote your Facebook page then there is an option to invite your friends to like the page, once they like the Facebook page, it will automatically be recommended to other facebook users, friend's of friends. Make it active with your goals. Whenever you want to post on your Facebook page engage some hashtags so it will reach a higher audience on keywords or hashtag searches or users interested in the tags. For example hashtags #business, #trend #trending #Products, #shoes (what you're selling) etc.

How to engage Twitter Audience: set up a Twitter page if you already have one then it's time to engage it. Unlike other handles, on Twitter you will see what's Trending, copy all the Trending hashtags and add to your tweet which have your products or skills. Then post it. The more hashtags you add on a post or tweet, the more audience you reach, do that everytime you post.

Instagram also allows hashtags to reach billions of audience, if you want to reach thousands or millions of users on Instagram without promotion then use hashtags to reach your targeted audience with your business. More than one billion users on Instagram follow at least one or more of the millions of hashtags, so try to search and involve the one related to your business, skills or products and the base of your business.

But if you have money then getting your audience is as simple and as ABC, first of all if you can't handle all your social media accounts by engaging it everyday or at least 3 time a week to keep it active or keep people coming back to your pages then you need to hire an online social media handler, there are hundreds of thousands of them out there, they charge a friendly price as low as $20 dollar above just to keep your page or pages active.

Alternatively, you can set up a promotion on your pages and add a follow or like page button so that your audience will turn to lifetime viewers of your products or skills, business giants like Coca-Cola, Pepsi among others run ads on Facebook on daily basis to reach billions. Promotion on Facebook cost as low as $2 dollars per day, and on Twitter cost as low as $1 dollar per day and on Instagram cost as low as $1 dollar per day, it depends on your type of audience, the figure of millions or billions you want to reach with your product. But i tell you, if your business or skills is on high demand in your country or locally, when running a social media promotion then run it within your country only it will yield you more customers faster, don't spend money promoting your new business outside your country except if it's a global demand skills.

LinkedIn Connections or followers are very valuable and also very easy or fast to grow all you have to do is create an account, set up your profile to look professional and start connecting with your LinkedIn recommendations, and with our guidelines on this article, you can learn how to grow upto 10,000 connections or followers on LinkedIn.How to grow your followers or connections on LinkedIn- Click here.

Another thing, if you have money, then buy a Facebook page, Twitter page or Instagram page, however some of the pages are a little bit expensive but don't just buy a page, the audience the page have must have been within your business niche or business idea for example, you want to start an E-commerce business you should buy an audience that likes the kind of products you have, you can find out using the page's previous post, if the page don't have any post then don't buy it, you don't know what it was being used for, for a business or skills don't buy a movie page or channel, you will be wasting your money instead of starting your own page audience from scratch.

But if it's is a blog or YouTube channel that will be posting some trending videos then i then i think all pages are a fit.

Setting up your online store: We are giving you two options in this article for those who have some capital to start a business and want to engage in a big online business adventure. And for those who don't have any capital at all (of course there are lots of online business you can start with zero capital and we are compiling 30 online business that needs to capital to give you for free in our next article).

Build a website or blog for your business or skills: for e-commerce it is recommended you build your own website and take control over your business, you get to edit your products, show case them on every page, promote your e-commerce website everywhere, there are many advantages of having a website for your business aside from the the fact that it makes it very professional, but if you don't have money your social media accounts is your online store, when you want to post, you just need to attach the price on each products like on the picture or in the write up for example (Frame 1 is $10, Frame 2 is $15, Slide 1 is $50 etc), delivery options and delivery fees or Pick Up locations if applicable.

For those who wants to build a website, see our Homepage for example and check out how we have arranged our products, while attracting readers to our daily articles we get a chance to showcase our products and services. Nice idea right? Well it's cheap to set up something like that.

And if you own a website and your receiving a few traffic by posting the link on social media then you can monetize it to be earning from the traffic.

Hints on Trending Products or Skills: During the pandemic, the world was running out of face masks and hands sanitizer, some business minded people quickly took advantage of this tight situation and they made a lot of money from it, just like Jeff Bezos or Bills Gate, their secrets as they have always say "if you want to be rich, find a problem or a want in the society and provide a solution to it or pick up the trend and make it unique and offer it back to the society" some people ordered face masks on Aliexpress and Amazon to resell on their websites or locally in their areas using either a website or social media handles or promotional methods, yes they made lots of money.

The hints here is that while deciding on the products you want to venture into, try to make sure it includes some of the products that are trending now for example a gadgets like a "Phone Camera Tripod" is trending worldwide because of Tiktok and some countries still in lockdown or enforced curfew in most countries. While there's limitation of movements and socialization, some people take their Tripod around for photos since the former way of giving a stranger your phone to take you a picture is rarely done again. "Keep Distance".

Summary of the article: Get a business idea, create social media pages or buy some for your business, then launch your business. We will update our 30 lists of businesses you can start without capital in our next article.

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