Dr. Anu Adepoju of Medcontour has been arrested and charged to court for failed surgeries that led to the death and damages of clients, and for criminal charges of failure to comply with FCCPC's ( Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission) requirements in an investigation, appear and provide information relevant to ongoing investigation.

Dr Anu of Medcountour has been arrested and charged to court by the Federal Government.

Doctor Anu has been accused of carrying out multiple surgery that failed, resulted to severe injuries and damages, and a failed cosmetic surgery that led to the death of one Mrs. Nneka Miriam Barbra Onwuzuligbo among others. Many of her clients who have had surgeries had complications which resulted to a social outcry.

According to Fisayo Soyombo, Dr Anu of MedContour Services Ltd has been arrest and will be facing trail at Federal High Court, Ikoyi

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"They've finally dragged Dr Anu to court on allegations of medical malpractice leading to the death of a client amongst others.
This is a welcome development." @Baldilocks_

"Finally, they have taken Dr Anu to federal high court Ikoyi. Hopefully, everyone affected by her botched surgery will get justice."

Publisher Jerryfrankson

Photo Credit: Fisayo Soyombo