Lawyer and human rights activist, Mike Ozekhome sues Dbanj's Accuser Seyitan for 1.5billion Naira damages.

Dbanj was accused of rape by Seyitan which triggered the internet, However preliminary investigation showed it was another hoax just like in the case of Bola Seyan and Doctor Funmilayo, After the rape allegations by Seyitan surfaces the internet, reports alleges that she was arrested and detained for 48hrs, days after an alleged press statement by Seyitan emerged on the internet confirming the claims that she was arrested and she have made a former report but according to Segalink, all that rumours were an agenda pushed by some "disguised feminists" for their hidden agenda. The press statement is also reportedly "not written by Seyitan" as it alleges that she was arrested but in reality she was only invited for questions, The Nigerian Police force said.

This is the law suit sueing Seyitan for a sum of 1.5 Billion, The lawyer on behalf of the Dbanj sues her for damages.

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