Today we're going to get started on designing your website. It might sound scary but it's actually going to be super easy.

For a traditional website, what you need is a good designer to create your desired design for your website and slice it into pieces. Then you have to hire a developer to put that design into code and make it functional and go Live. If you don't own then head over to How to start a free blog website in 2020 Click here. And read how to own your own free site.

With WordPress, all of these extra expenses are eliminated. WordPress has themes which are website templates.

There's two routes you can take when it comes to choosing a Wordpress theme a premium theme or a free theme.

Premium themes look much more professional, load faster and tend to result in higher conversion rates on your website, which means more money.

If you don't have the money to invest into a Wordpress theme, a free one works as well since you can always upgrade later.

For the kind of website we're creating, I would recommend using the Thrive Themes. I highly recommend it because:

  • It's optimized for higher conversion rates
  • It has plenty of styles available and is easy to customize
  • It loads super fast
  • It's mobile responsive (critical!)
  • It's SEO optimized
  • Has built-in features to build an email list
  • It's super cheap
  • It's going to work perfectly with our content builder

That's the theme we're going to use for our site. If you're looking for a free theme, you can find thousands of options over here.

After you've paid for FocusBlog or found a free alternative, follow the steps below to activate your theme and have a brand new website design in just minutes.

How to Install The Theme on Your WordPress.

Step 1. Log in to your WordPress Admin dashboard by visiting

Step 2. click on "Appearance" from the menu found on the left and then select "Themes"

Step 3) select "Add new" and then in the same place you will see "Upload now"

Step 4. select "Choose file" and upload your theme (.zip file), then select "Install now" to proceed.

Step 5. Click on "Activate" and your new theme will be live

Done! In five simple steps, you've just gotten a brand new website design!

What's next? We've got to set up a few important pages and disclaimers for your website:

  • About Me
  • Privacy Policy
  • Your Affiliate Disclosure

The first thing we'll do is the About Me page. You already wrote the content for that on Day 9 so now it's just a matter of uploading it and formatting it properly.

If you didn't have time to do it on Day 9, don't worry. You can write a quick story up about your persona on the go!

Sign in to your Wordpress admin panel at and choose Pages and then press "Add New."

The rest is pretty straightforward! You'll see a small text box to put the title of your page go ahead and type in About Me, then below that in the bigger box is where your actual content will be.

It works just like a standard text editor, such as Microsoft Word. You'll see a long menu above the box which will let you change the headings, bold, italics and so on and so forth.

Under the post title you'll see a line with Permalink: and an edit button. You'll want to make sure that the permalink for this page is

Then hit the publish button in the right-hand sidebar and you're done!

Setting up the Privacy policy

A privacy policy is a legal document stating which kind of information you are or might be collecting from your visitors. If you have a website, you're legally obligated to have a privacy policy.

Luckily, there are free tools out there that do most of the work for you, such as this one: Free Privacy Policy. Click Here.

If you don't know what a question means or if you'll be collecting that kind of data, it's better to answer yes and say that you might collect that kind of data, to keep yourself safe legally.

Simply get started with their free process, answer the questions and then they'll give you the content for your privacy policy in the end.

After you've finished all of the questions, follow the same process as for the About Me page.

  • Head over to your Wordpress admin menu
  • Choose Pages and Add New from the left-hand menu
  • Fill in Privacy Policy for the title
  • Make sure that the permalink is

Copy-paste the content you got from Publish the page!

Setting up your Amazon affiliate disclosure

As stated in the initial game plan, we'll be using Amazon Associates to monetize the website and according to their Terms of Service, you're obligated to disclose that you're an Amazon Affiliate or risk your account getting terminated.

Luckily, it's pretty straightforward. Theyvve given us all a template to copy-paste on your website and you can simply add it to the footer of your site in a small font.

First, go over to Thrive Dashboard and select the Theme Options.

The Focus-Blog theme has Footer Copyright Text just like Amazon Affiliate in it's options. Keep what it has there and copy the disclaimer above to the next line and hit and Save All Changes.

The disclaimer will now be in your footer, you're safe from Amazon and can move on to the next step.

Getting Your Website a Logo

This may sound ridiculous but no one really cares about your logo. To get started with, you can just write your brand name in text as the logo and maybe use a slightly fancier font.

I'm not a developer so I don't know how to do that. What I do is get a professional logo from for five dollars.

They're not the best in the world, but they're honestly good and get the job done for what we're going for.

We recommend going to and then search our favorite logo creator called "brand_factory".If you used Thrive Themes like we recommended, here's how you can change the logo once you receive it (so keep this email until your logo is ready)

1) Head to your Theme Options and the first box will ask you to upload your own logo.

2) Upload it and click save all changes.

You're done for the day!