Madagascar have enforced lockdown after cases skyrocket by 30% this week. The country made a decision to quickly enforce its capital city on lockdown for contact tracing and prevention of a predicted massive widespread.

Why is their lockdown important? It is Madagascar first lockdown since the pandemic began, the country who was going on with their normal activities when half of the world's population was in lockdown is finally going to embark one. 

Madagascar who launched a local herbal herbs just some weeks after the virus entered the African continent has finally enforced lockdown for the first time. Click her to read more about the Covid-Organic. Madagascar claimed their local herbs was the cure for the Covid-19, and even bashed the World Health Organization WHO for not endorsing it "That it is not endorsing it because it's from Africa". Well other African countries under pressure by citizens went ahead to purchase the Covid-Organic to treat coronavirus cases in their country. For example Congo, Nigeria, Senegal and Equator all did purchase the Covid-Organic for trials.

Few days ago, The Nigerian health minister confirmed in a press that the Madagascar local herbs treats only Malaria and not the Covid-19 and herbs used in making the cure is infact in Nigeria too likewise many African countries. This comes in after more than 2 months of purchase. The country may be seeing a huge increase in cases for first of all downplaying the virus in the first place. Madagascar President Andry Rajoelina who launched and drank the Covid-Organic on TV told his citizens they have the cure in their country. So you can imagine the level of recklessness knowing your country have the cure to the fear outside world.

Madagascar most wisest decision ever taken is to quickly enforce lockdown to track down contacted cases. The good news is that the country have been able to recover 1,108 confirmed cases out of 2,941 and have so far recorded 32 deaths for a country that claimed it has the cure. And the President 3 months ago said it is recovering patients using their herbs. The country is among the 5 countries with less reported fatalities, and It is the first for a highly speed recovery. Aside other countries that had less than 10 - 20 cases and recovered all. 

Twitter Reactions "Madagascar is still leading as a country that has the least deaths of Covid-19. Them imposing another lockdown doesn't mean they lost their fight. It means they put their citizens first unlike other countries."

World Coronavirus Cases - 11,465,712

Deaths - 535,021

Recovered - 6,487,465