UPDATED: United States plan to ban Tiktok as more evidence confirms spying fears, how soon will the USA ban Tiktok? The Secretary Of state, Mike Pompeo didn't say but in a press statement said plans are underway. This came in after several governments are considering banning the Video sharing app over fears of spying and stealing users data for China.

Thousands of Tiktokers among Popular Tiktok creators are now making videos ending it with a plea to their followers to visit their profile and subscribe to their YouTube channel before the ban.

July 6th: The Australian government said it is under pressure to ban Tiktok over Chinese spying fears, 6 days after India banned 59 Chinese Apps.

The Australian government said it is receiving multiple calls to ban the popular chinese social media app Tiktok over national security and spying fears. It is reported that plans are underway to pull the popular video sharing app amidst fears that it releases users secret information to Beijing, China's capital. More than 1.6 Million Australians uses Tiktok as a medium to share their views and entertain themselves on the platform.

According to Chinese law, all social media apps, industries and internet related services are obligated to submit users' data to the Chinese government on request.

In 2019, a lawsuit in the US claims Tiktok sent US data to two servers one backed by Tencent and Alibaba after Tiktok claimed it does not store users data on any Chinese servers, the lawsuit is still Source

On the 29th of June, India took the decision to ban 59 Chinese Apps including the most popular video sharing platform Tiktok, Others includes Share-it, and WeChat.

The ban of 59 Chinese Apps in India greatly impacted online searches for applications like Tiktok, Share-It, WeChat, UC Browser all rises by a high percentage of 225 percentage on the 29th of June the Apps were banned, and the following day it dropped by 23 percent as online searches for it fell off. Tiktok Apps among other Indian banned Apps can still be searched and seen on Google search or other search engines but you will not be able to download it as you will see an error message or an under below message telling you this item is not available in your country, India have no Plans to lift the ban of Tiktok Apps or any other Chinese Apps any time soon. More than 119 million people in India uses Tiktok and Tiktok was downloaded 611 million times on Playstore and Apple Store in India out of the 2 Billion downloads the social media App has received worldwide, India turns out to be the Apps top driver.


Most Indians took their twitter handle to celebrate the Tiktok ban in India with either a birthday cake or something else.

While Tiktok ratings which raised above 4.3 Star on Playstore after the Indian first dispute with Tiktok has dropped back below 3.7 star ratings now and it continues to go down while the China's Tiktok lite star ratings has dropped to 3.5 stars.

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