UPDATED: Mr Ibrahim Magu Has been suspended by the Presidency pending investigation, a source revealed to to Sahara Reporters.

However, On Monday evening, The Department of State Services (DSS) released a statement signed by Peter Afunanya, its Public Relations Officer, rebuting the alleged arrest of the Acting Chairman of EFCC Ibrahim Magu as widely reported by sections of the media. Said he was only invited to the office for questioning. 

DSS Has Arrested Acting Chairman of EFCC Ibrahim Magu Over Corruption Allegations.

Earlier today it was first reported by Sahara Reporters that Mr Ibrahim Magu was arrested for alleged corruption, owning four properties and transferring money abroad through a third party.

The Department of State Security has arrested Ibrahim Magu, The acting chairman of Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Nigeria's biggest anti graft agency, he was arrested over allegations that he owns four properties and was moving funds abroad through a third party.

The DSS in a 2016 report revealed that Ibrahim Magu was living in a N40million mansion paid for by one Umar Mohammed, a retired air commodore who is also accused of corruption.

Magu who have been the chairman of EFCC since November 2015 was found guilty of acting prejudicial to state security, and tempering with EFCC files in 2010. According to Sahara Reporters

The N40 Million rented apartment occupied by Ibrahim Magu was paid for by Umar Mohammed, who was arrested by secret service and accused of corruption. Preliminary investigation shows that the EFCC Chairman is regularly traveling to unknown trips through a private jets owned by the same Umar Mohammed.

Twitter Reactions: The head of Nigeria's anti-corruption agency (EFCC), Ibrahim Magu, has been arrested on charges of corruption by the DSS.

The person in charge of fighting corruption is arrested by a security agency that has nothing to do with fighting corruption."

"When Fela sang "Confusion break bone" more than two decades ago, he captured the reality of the Nigeria of his time and the Nigeria of our generation.

This country lacks form, lacks direction, lacks an identity, has no core values that we all hold sacred. Anywhere belle face"

"In 2019, EFCC (an agency that fights financial crimes) were used during the election to guard collation centers Like, men and women of the EFCC were deployed across the country to guard ballot papers in collation centers."

"Maybe Malami uncovered grand corruption against EFCC chairman Magu plus his complicity with this Mompha saga which reminded him due to the Hushpuppi case thereby ordering the DSS to arrest him. Malami had enough. I'm just going 1+1 to give 2. It might all be in my head."

"Since Magu is sending money abroad. The FBI need to come extradite him as well to fish out who and who is the third party behind all his accounts overseas. Every single criminal must be treated accordingly

We are waiting for @officailefcc to post the alleged criminal please" Source

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