When you build a Javascript or a WordPress website, either by you or your programmer, there are some plugins or installation settings you need to do in other to make your website standard and user-friendly.

WordPress plugins are essentially small apps that you can install on your website to give it more functionality. This could be a plugin that shows popups, collects emails, creates a contact form, redirects links - anything.

Here are the plugins we're going to be installing on your site and a brief overview of what they do:

Yoast SEO - Quickly and easily optimize all of your posts and pages for search engines

SumoMe - Start collecting your visitors emails, improve your conversion rates and much more.

WP External Links - Makes all of the external links on your website open in new tabs, keeping more users on your website.

Google Analytics - The best tool to see how many visitors your website is getting, from where and what they're doing.

Akismet - (Pre-installed on Wordpress) - Stops people from spamming your blog with fake comments, which is a common problem for every blog owner.

WP Super Cache - Speeds up your website by ridiculous amounts.

All In One WP Security - Protects you and your website from hackers.

UpdraftPlus - It creates backup for website for later restore.

Contact Form 7 - The easiest way to create a contact page for your website. 

Thrive Content Builder (TCB) - Enables you to design your content without coding experience.

For the purpose of this course, the two most important plugins are Yoast SEO and Thrive Content Builder.

We're going to need our content to look amazing so people actually want to buy the products we're promoting, and we're going to want people finding these articles.

That's exactly what these two plugins help us with.

Thrive Content Builder allows us to design our content with no coding knowledge required and that increases our conversion rates. I saw my rates go up by over 80% when making the switch.

Here's a few examples of the things you can do with TCB:

  • Brilliant landing pages
  • Table of Contents
  • Call to Actions
  • Buttons
  • Lead Generation
  • Beautiful comparison charts and tables and much more.

For example, the 30-day challenge landing page was made with Thrive Content Builder in under 30 minutes.

This beautiful comparison chart took 5 minutes to make:

There's hundreds of amazing things you can do with it. It really is a must-have for anyone with a Wordpress site.

Installing Wordpress plugins is just as simple as installing a Wordpress theme.

Step 1. Head to your Wordpress admin menu.

Step 2. Choose Plugins then Add New.

Step 3. Search the plugin name in the "Search plugins" search box.

Step 4. Find the relevant plugin and click "Install Now".

Step 5. Click Activate plugin and you're finished!

Go ahead and get all of the plugins we listed above and start installing them on your website.

Published by Jerryfrankson