Tiktok is closed in Hong Kong. It is no longer available to download from local app stores. And users who already have it on their phone will get a blank profile when they try to access it.

User Notice from Tiktok to Hongkongers:... We regret to inform you that we have discontinued our services in Hong Kong." Tiktok Apps have been removed from Google Playstore and Apple Store for Hong Kong, and the App will no longer be working in Hong Kong.

Tiktok founding company ByteDance is looking at alternatives in establishing a headquarters outside China, The company is trying to distance itself from China according to a Wall Street Journal.

The Tiktok shutdown in Hong Kong is due to the new Chinese national law on Hong Kong which will also give police authorities to monitor online activities by Hongkongers and also decide what should be deleted online. So all online services; social media apps in Hong Kong must comply with this new law. Facebook said it has stopped new requests from Hong Kong until further notice, it wants to study the new national law.

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It has been a tough week for Tiktok in the past weeks, after India banned it saying the App is a great threat to their sovereignty, power and integrity. The shutdown came days after a border clash down between China and India, six days after, Australian government said it is under great pressure to shutdown Tiktok amidst fears of spying fears.

Washington DC is also concerned as the secretary of state Mike Pompeo said the Trump administration is presently considering banning not just Tiktok but all other Chinese Apps too, charging the platform in being a loophole and spying wall for China. Tiktok have denied claims that they have never released any users data to China, all US data is stored by a US server and they will not release the data to China even though they're asked to do so.

Tiktok shut down or ban from the USA will benefits other social media giants like YouTube and Facebook's Instagram since more than 50% of TikTok's large creators are Youtubers who showcase their talents or creations to their follower's and then make a call to Subscribe to their YouTube.

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TikTok's profile provides you with an option to link your Instagram account and YouTube's account, before the YouTube and Instagram link will display instead of providing a space for the links just to be pasted, now when you want to link your Instagram account, you have granted the app access to not just your Instagram account but probably Facebook account which you used in creating that Instagram among other related data.

You can not have a YouTube channel without a Google Account which is the central data source of all your phone data, When you want to link your YouTube account on Tiktok, instead of just pasting your YouTube channel link for users to visit and subscribe, Tiktok requires you to link it directly from your Google account, Google Account will now ask you to grant Tiktok access before your YouTube channel is being linked.

A Google account is your central data storage, now it appears the apps can only have access to only what you have allowed it. But new fears have arises that "Tiktok is a data collector for China.".

Tiktok is a video sharing app that allows you to post video upto 60 seconds, How do Tiktok make their money? And it isn't a video monetization platform like YouTube, Vimeo and dailymotion. A data out their shows Tiktok makes money by advertising, they show their ads when you open their app, a full screen ads and also on the header of current challenge list. The data also show Tiktok sells coins to users. About the advert, for the past 4 months, we have regularly checked in on Tiktok, what Tiktok advertises is current trending challenges which are going on within their apps, and a welcome board to new celebrities. Tiktok have never being seen by most audiences advertising a brand. So the questions still remain unanswered.

Tiktok is founded by ByteDance and in May 2017, ByteDance acquired Musical.ly another popular Video sharing platform as of then, which had celebrities like Nicki Minaj among others on it although they all left and only being seeing on it for a short while for example Cardi B. ByteDance decided to merge Musical.ly with Tiktok in 2018 August.

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