Today is the day we're going to upload your content. As we mentioned in our previous article, you should use the Thrive Content Builder plugin for that.

You can use the traditional Wordpress content editor as well, but you're going to make more money using TCB with less work.

Once you've installed TCB, go ahead and activate the license for the plugin (you'll have the license key in your account).

Now open up Wordpress Admin, head to Posts and delete the first post that is there, default by WordPress. Click on Add New Post and then enter a title.

Then click on the Edit With Thrive Content Builder button and it'll open up your article exactly as a user would see it, instead of the code or basic text editor.

In the right-hand sidebar you'll have all kinds of elements to use to design the article. From the right sidebar choose Paragraph/Text Element and drag it into the content area on your site.

Click on the element, delete what's in it and paste in your entire article. Now we're going to start designing it, changing the content a little bit and so on.

Initially just try and make it as user friendly as possible, if your writer didn't already.

Instead of using bold, click on your titles and subtitles and change them from Paragraph to Headings. Headings are numbered between 1-6 but you'll see that it's most user friendly to use either heading 2 or 3s.

Next we're going to put pictures wherever it would make sense. In our case that's a few times in the introduction and one for every product wevve mentioned.

We're not going to put in our affiliate links yet, because we want Google to see it normally first.

Try using the styled list module in TCB for example, to illustrate your bullet points. Just make it user-friendly and good-looking for now.

Save the changes in TCB and click on Edit Post in the top Wordpress menu. Save it as a draft for now, tomorrow we're going to go through it again and optimize it for search engines.

How to make sure people can find your website on Google.

Open up the draft of the post you've worked on (with the normal editor) to get started.

First off, you're going to change the permalink (right under the title) into /best-paintball-gun/ because that's the main keyword we're going for with this post.

Obviously, you'd change it according to your niche, "/best-product-type/".

Next, scroll down to the Yoast SEO section of the website and click on edit snippet.

Then write a meta description for the best SEO results, this is what shows up under your website in Google results, so make it catchy for the user (but also try to include your keyword in there).

Here's what Monetizemore did for a student:

It's hard to get the best paint ball gun when you have just started, that's why we've written this guide.

Make sure that your title and description is given a green rating from Yoast. This goes for the other Yoast criteria below as well.

Now you should skim through your content and make sure you're using your keywords properly.

The first rule is that you have to have your main keyword in the title of your article. Our keyword was best paintball gun and we've definitely got it in the title: The Best Paintball Gun For The Money 2016.

Secondly, you should try and use your keyword in one of the headings of your article. We've got a Heading 2 in our article saying So What's the Best Paintball Gun? so that's covered as well.

Thirdly, look at how often you're using your keyword throughout the page. Our article is 4,000 words long and we've used the keyword 14 times which is pretty reasonable at 0.35%.

Try to keep your keyword density below 0.5% or Google may treat you differently from your competitors, for over-optimizing the page for search engines.

That's all, then hit publish on your article and let it go Live.

Tomorrow we're going to sign up for the Amazon Affiliate program, insert links to the post and make sure we're going to receive commissions off this.

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