World's First Coronavirus Vaccine: Russian University Have Completed Clinical Trials. Ready for use.

A Moscow medical university said it has completed the clinical trials of the Covid-19 vaccine. What is now being described as world's first coronavirus vaccine.

The Covid-19 vaccine was produced by Russia's Gamalei Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology, and Sechenov University began its first clinical trials on June 18. And the medical university reported on July 13th that the clinical trials of the vaccine have been completed.

The Director of the institute, Vadim Tarasov said the first group of volunteers will be discharged this week on Wednesday, while the next group of volunteers will be discharged on the July 20th. After which plans for the distribution will be made.

The world is now reporting 1 million coronavirus cases every four days. With USA having a total of 3.4 million cases in total and still reporting above 50,000 new cases daily. Meanwhile a number of countries that declared the coronavirus free have all fall back with active cases.

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Coronavirus Cases of today 13th of July - 13,062,583

Deaths recorded so far - 572,227

The number Recovered patients - 7,611,104

The number of Active Cases of today is 4,879,252.

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