Right after scientists discovered few days ago that there is possibility of life on the planet Venus, the Russian space agency has claimed the country's ownership on the planet.

Russian space organisation Roscosmos intends to explore Venus independently. The head of Russia's space corporation Dmitry Rogozin even announced initiating a national project to study the planet. According to the space agency, the first missions to explore the Earth's distant neighbour were carried out by the Soviet Union, The space probe was carried by the Soviet Union in 1962 when the Marina 2 flew to the surface of the earth's neighbor "Venus" and transmitted all of the information about the planet including its temperature levels to earth. Does this give them an upper hand to claim the planet as their own?

Roscosmos in a statement said that the enormous gap between the Soviet Union and its competitors in the investigation of Venus contributed to the fact that the United States called Venus a Soviet planet.