A recent study has found that fake news is still on the rise and travels six times faster than true news.

Do you believe everything you read on social media? Do you always verify the contents that comes out to you across networking platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram? If your answer is yes for the former question, and no to the latter, then you need to step up. A recent documentary on Netflix brought to light again the secretive nature of how these social media giants operate, and how manipulation of users is the driving business model for most of these services.

The documentary which is Titled "The Social Dilemma" referred to a 2018 study that was done by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States.

The study found that fake news travels to Twitter users six times faster and quicker than real news. The study, which took more than two years to complete found that true news takes about six times longer to reach 1,500 people on Twitter when compared to false news. While fake news reaches thousands of users to hundreds of thousands of social users.