US To Ban Tiktok And WeChat Downloads From Sunday Over Security Concerns.

Donald Trump administration has ordered a ban on China's most popular applications TikTok and WeChat, their operations in the US will be banned starting from Sunday, citing national security concerns.

The Chinese Communist Party CCP has demonstrated the means and hidden motives to use these apps to threaten the national security, foreign policy, and the economy of the United States, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said in a statement delivered on Sunday.

The plan initiated by the United States government will involve banning its citizens from being able to download the Chinese owned messaging app WeChat and the video sharing app TikTok starting from September 20th.

Recall that in early July, US started plans on banning Tiktok after more evidence surfaced that it may have been stealing data from US citizens, around the same time US data was moved from the US server to the central server in Belgium, China. US starts plans to ban Tiktok in July.

At President Donald Trump's direction, we have taken a significant decision to combat China's malicious applications, and it's continues collection of American citizens' personal data, while also promoting our national values and our democratic rules-based norms, and hostile enforcement of United States laws and regulations," Commerce department added in a statement.

However, TikTok's parent company ByteDance has been in discussions with Oracle, Microsoft and others to create a new company with the sole purpose of addressing the US administration's national security concerns over the past few months.

Was this a fair Ban? What this Ban means for Chinese citizens living in the United States and visiting the United States.

Presently, Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Gmail, Twitter, Google maps and most importantly WhatsApp are all banned in China. You can search Google in China, you can not use any of this top social media apps in China, they are all blocked in China due to national security concerns and Chinese national laws on social censorship.

Unfortunately the ban of WeChat by the US will also affect the 3.8 million Chinese living in the USA because WeChat is the only app they use to communicate with their families in China, however for now, the apps can still function on their phones unlike the immediate disconnection of Tiktok in Hong Kong when they stopped operations.