A Chinese virologist Dr Li-Meng Yan publicly made a claim that the deadly coronavirus was developed in a Chinese government laboratory in Wuhan, and she added that the Chinese government was aware of the development of the deadly Covid-19 spread which was why it tried to shutdown Doctors who were raising alarm about the virus.

In an interview with WION News. Speaking to WION's Executive Editor @palkisharmaupadhyay on Instagram, the Chinese virologist Li-meng Yan, who

investigated the origin of the coronavirus virus during the the outbreak in Wuhan, said that she uncovered a cover-up operation that was going on in Wuhan and the Chinese government knew about the massive spread of the virus before publicly acknowledging it.

Li-Meng Yan also said that the World Health Organisation in China was actively involved in the cover up of the pandemic, Twitter has suspended her account after she tweeted her claims and it went viral.

According to a WION News report, Yan who was working at the Virology and immunology in Hong Kong school of public health was restrained by her supervisors from investigating. And now the "Chinese government is trying to tarnish my image using the social media and also actively intimating my family in China".

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