Caught In The Act, Mexican Politician Caught on Camera as she tries to sneak out of Zoom meeting by Placing her photograph.

 This is a very clever trick and an unexpected act by a Mexican politician, though did not end well as she was caught after she tried to skip a Congress session via Zoom conference call by placing her photograph.

16010329410.pngPhoto Credit: WION News.

Mexico City congress woman known as Valentina Batres Guadarrama yesterday sneaked out of the virtual meeting by placing a photograph herself that she have snapped in her office and in the same position she was going to sit while live, the photograph which gave an impression that she is present in the meeting session by using the video-conferencing app's background feature.

Although, just few moments before her intended move was complete, it was caught on camera when Guadarrama removed the pictured and arrived to continue the session.