Publisher Jerryfrankson

As Europe battles a second wave of coronavirus infections and death toll, the United States has successfully prevented a second wave of Covid-19 infections thereby keeping the first wave going as the US death toll never lagged down during the first wave in late March to May. The country which has held the number one spot on worldwide infection stats since May now has almost 20% of the total world cases even as India contracted up to 5 million cases in less than months.

Many European countries including the United Kingdom has announced new restrictions which could last up to six months or more as the number of infections increases. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said "the number of hospital admission has increased drastically in the last few weeks".

More than one million people have lost their lives from coronavirus, a virus that emerged less than a year ago, but still continues to affect many countries. 

According to a data by Worldmetre statistic, Covid-19 has killed 1,007,348 people with 33,598,673 total infections.