According to the in-app notifications WhatsApp has been sending to its users for the past couple of days, users who do not agree to the new privacy policy by 8 February 2021 will not be able to use the application.

According to this update, user data will be shared with the parent company, Facebook if this policy is accepted; otherwise, users will lose access to their WhatsApp accounts.

16103036400.pngThese are some of the Data WhatsApp collects from you.

Even though this policy is being rolled out globally, it is stated in the policy that users located in the

European Union will not be affected by this very amendment; meaning that they will not have their data shared with the 3rd parties to use the app.

Information to be provided with the 3rd parties if agreed to the new privacy policy of WhatsApp:

1.User's account information

2. User's messages

3. User's connections

4. Status information

5. Transactions and poyments

6. Customer support and other communications

7. Usage and log information

8. Device and connection information

9. Location information

10. Cookies

11. Information others provide about user

12. User reports

Businesses on WhatsApp

13. Third-parly service providers

14. Third-party services. 

16103036401.pngMore Data WhatsApp collects includes Phone All Device info and your private conversations along with profile information.

How To Use Signal - Say Hello To Privacy. 


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You need a phone number to register an account on Signal.. You'll receive a code from your mobile phone number, insert it and you're good to go. 

Update your profile info and Say Hello to Privacy. 

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