Maxwell Odum paid a visit in his Hometown Elekahia in March, 2020, as the founder of Maxwell Odum Foundation established to "strengthen the welfare of his community and the society at large" while indirectly "responsible for five suicides" since his announcement to terminate all investments and refund capital on the 3rd of January which till date no investor have testified to be refunded.

16116804790.pngMaxwell Odum Foundation.

In continuation of the welfare activity in the fight against Covid-19, Dr Maxwell Odum, MD/CEO at MBA Trading & Capital Investment Limited and founder of Maxwell Odum Foundation, (MOF) as part of his contribution to the society donated relief materials to Widows and the Elderly women in his hometown Elekahia community.


16116804792.pngMaxwell Odum and his community members.

The Items he donated were Medical hand gloves, Hand Sanitizers, food items and a sum of money to each person among others.


Maxwell Odum strived to be seen as a religious person and a philanthropist but in reality, the people he has caused pain and deaths portray him as a "Wicked and heartless Scammer" More details later....

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