PDP Gives The Government 48Hours To Declare Their Location.

The Nigerian Opposition Party PDP has given the APC led Federal Government a 48 hours maximum to state the whereabouts of the Chinese medical team it brought in the country last month to help in the fight against the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in the country.

The Federal Government opinion is predicated on the alarming declaration by the Minister of Health, Dr. Osagie Ehanire who said that he can not account for the whereabouts of the Chinese medical doctors that were brought into the country from the epicenter of the pandemic China despite severe warnings and dis-approvals by many medical experts in Nigeria and professional institutions.

However, the health minister's statement had heightened tensions in the country that the Chinese medical team, whose identity and activities have been concealed in secrecy, might have been brought in by a certain group of officials for another unknown purpose in the country aside from that the general public good which they said.

The government act is seen as suspicious, conny and weird that the minister of health, who had repeatedly assured the public that the Chinese were brought to render medical services and trainings to the country and even went personally to receive them at the International Airport, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Abuja on the 8th of April, 2020- in a detailed publicized event, and now they can no longer account for the medical team.

The PDP said in a statement that they do recall how officials of the APC-led administration had strongly defended the invitation of the Chinese medical team and offered them complete state protocol upon their arrival at the airport, only for them to now turn around to disclaim the supposed experts deny involvement with them and even forbid Nigerians from inquiring about their whereabouts of the Chinese medical team.

The opposition party, PDP is really distressed with the fact that the present administration is not being sincere with the truth at this crucial time the people deserve honesty the most, and the officials of the government are playing politics with Nigerian lives and the healthcare of the country.

The Peoples Democratic Party holds that government's inability to account for the Chinese medical team amounts to a direct betrayal of the public trust, which has heightened tensions and fears of hidden conspiracies by some certain un-patriotic selfish interests of the APC and its administration to compromise the health structure of the nation and expose the citizens to danger.

Nigerians will recall how the Federal Government had failed to respond to demands by our party and other well-meaning Nigerians for the particulars of the members of the team and their medical status, scope of operation, detailed route within our country as well as the safety of the equipment they brought into our nation for treatment.

The party continued to explicit their distress over frightening reports of escalation of the sudden scourge in some certain countries reportedly after the arrival of Chinese medical personnel in those countries and insisted that the APC administration should be held responsible should there be any sudden rise in COVID19 infections and deaths in Nigeria upon the arrival of the said Chinese medical Doctors.

PDP called Nigerians to note that whereas our national's COVID-19 data, upon the arrival of the Chinese team as of April, was at 254 confirmed cases with 44 successfully treated and cured by Nigerian doctors and with only 6 deaths which reportedly had some other severe underlining ailments but surprisingly Nigeria cases immediately surged and today, the country data stands at no less than 5,450 confirmed cases with 171 deaths and less than 1500 recovered patients.

Hence, PDP, therefore, insists that the PTF on COVID-19 should immediately come out with the truth with detailed explanations on the whereabouts of the Chinese medical team that arrived Nigerian last month in the next 48 hours so as to ease the tensions in the country.

The African Continent Now has over 80,000 confirmed cases with only 2,708 deaths. Madagascar remains the only African country if not the only country worldwide with 0 deaths with less confirmed cases.

Major African statistics as of May 17 at 6:00 GMT:

Confirmed cases - 81,608

Number of deaths - 2,708

Recoveries - 31,122

Active cases - 47,778

Nigeria of May 17th has 

5621 cases of COVID-19. 

No of Discharged: 1472

No of Deaths: 176