Do you usually Google yourself? Do you like the contents(most especially old posts) that spring up about your person? I will list and explain our recent discoveries.

Nothing on the internet is ever deleted, Once you send, post or upload something on the internet, it remains there on the internet forever. It doesn't matter if you delete it or it's being removed. there is always a place where you can find that content even if it's not visible to you.

Since the emergence of the internet, the world has evolved and become such a small community, Now, this is very advantageous to all of us except for the security or privacy issues. There are many websites that once you post something on the internet they automatically back it up for you without your authorization most especially tweets and Instagram posts. So if you're planning to be a Politician or Head of something in the future then you need to start cautioning yourself about the tweets, posts, or generally the things you make available to the internet now. Yes, Camila Cabello is a good example in this perspective, at a very young age, she posted a me*me* picture of Chris Brown and Rihanna, that ridicul*d Rihanna in it, but many years after the Meme picture surfaced again on the internet in 2019 even though she got rid of those pictures, and this affected her as she faced many critics for making a joke out of Rihanna, of course, we all know what was happening between Chris Brown and Rihanna. Camila apologized and blamed her "young age". This is called INTERNET ARCHIVES. The thing is, there are over hundreds if not thousands of websites out there that are now websites archives for your internet content without your permission.

For example, this two websites and are displaying your Instagram posts and tweets on their websites without your permission, and even when you delete the post or tweets, some of this websites store your old posts for you, now this violates your privacy, but does the internet have privacy? Or do you want privacy? Then don't bring it to the brim light at all. I checked and found out there are many websites out there displaying people's posts and hashtags used, and 90% of them don't have a way to contact them to take down your post which you don't want to be seen on the internet anymore. So if a common archive website can have your posts then you can imagine, certified third-parties, your mails? Deleted mails? How are poli*ticians able to dig up an opponent trashed malls to find some old doings to use against during or after the cam*paign* of their opponents?

This is one of the things that led to the discovery of this article, Mr. Merit at a very young age used to upload displeasing posts with some tags. And now his name is becoming popular as a brand and those photos are normally appearing on Google search when you search him, but he can't get rid of his old posts even though he still has access and has deleted them and initiated a way for the displeasing photos to be deleted which some seems to be working. Internet Achieves Websites still have Those tweets and photos.

So if you're someone that is building or aiming at a particular career that you think your content may be used against you in the future then you need to start looking at the things you posts, Users' social media posts are now used against them. So judging by your previous posts, do you feel safe about it? Yes? Then a Thumbs up, because I know I don't.

We will be discussing about Security, and Privacy is one of our coming articles, add our website to your Homepage to be updated.