The War Outfits

In January, President Donald Trump ordered an airstrike on Iranian General Qassem Suleimani in the early hours of Friday, the 3rd of January. Something which has never happened since World War II. Then the tensions began as Iran vowed to revenge the death of their most powerful General, There was fear around the globe that Iran may start a war with the US which will gradually escalate everywhere. A week later, Iran fired a dozen missiles to two U.S Bases in Iraq, They called it "Fierce Revenge".The New York Times reported that there were no casualties.

This actually ended the tensions, as President Trump said Iran may have done that to calm themselves down and since then nothing has happened. The Case was closed but the two countries are still not in a good relationship.

Fireman suits - The Australian Fires, The Biggest fires in a decade.???

While the Australian seasonal bushfires remain the biggest, the "Black Saturday" in 2009 to date is the worse in Australian history. While 1.2 Billion animals died in the last bushfires in 2019-2020 despite the efforts of Firemen to stop the fires, casualties still remained at large, as people lost their lives and beautiful homes were brunt, with properties.7 Most destructive Australian fires which include the 2019-2020

The Rapid Spread of Coronavirus 'Covid-19' Outside China. - Healthcare Outfit.

The rapid spread started in February, a very scary month! We still call it 'Coronavirus' instead of Covid-19 because at least that is what it was until the World Health Organization finally gave it an official name "Covid-19". In February, the virus started spreading rapidly that in less than 24hrs. More than 10 countries confirmed their index cases of Covid-19, Healthcare workers - the world's heroes started offering treatments the best way they could and to date has saved 2.8 million people who have recovered from the virus.12 countries reported their first index virus cases in less than 24hrs in February - Aljazeera

The Global Lockdown, 3.9 Billion People were On Lockdown - Home Outfit.

As from March till April, 3.9 Billion People, more than half of the world population were either asked to stay at home or enforced in a Lockdown, The Home Outfits were Pajamas, Robe and all that makes us feel comfortable while at home. "It was like our life was snatched away" but it was for a greater good to combat the massive spread of the virus. As of today, only a few countries are on lockdown.

In March, Euronews reported thatMore than 90 countries enforced lockdowns - EuroNews

The Protest Outfit - Clashes between Police and crisis due to the murder of George Floyd.

Ending of last month, a young black man was murdered, died shortly after a Minneapolis Police Officer who is known for racism, knelt on his neck for 8 minutes as he kept pleading and saying "I can't breath" footage of the video surfaced the internet and began to spread, the people in Minneapolis started protesting and the protest quickly spread in all of the states in the United States including Washington DC, at the White House, there have been riots, fires, burning of properties and all that. President Trump has released National Guard and there's a forced stay at Home Order in Minneapolis as the Guards roam around the streets. It is by far one of the greatest protests in the US in recent years. A lot of celebrities have called out the government to Demand justice for George Floyd, including Jay Z, Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, Rihanna, J Cole joined the physical protest in his home town. Taylor Swift of course who got offended at Trump's Tweet about "shooting" said "We will Vote you Out" Taylor Swifts has more Fans and followers than President Trump and most of them are from the United States. Almost all celebrities have spoken up. So far the 4 officers involved have been sacked, while Derek Chauvin who is the officer that knelt on his neck while the other 3 held him down, is being charged with a third-degree murder which states that it was a mistake, the people are continuing to ask for justice and campaign for the Black Lives Matter.

The Anonymous Outfit

You may be wondering what does it stand for, the anonymous has re-surfaced after 3 years, they claimed they're back to protest the Black Lives Matter, and yes they're doing just that on Twitter, yesterday a Police PD Radio was breached, and since then they have been no 1 trend worldwide on Twitter after it showed hidden footage of some of the videos of police brutality in the United States. The anonymous source is calling for a complete overhaul of the justice system in the US among others. Who are the anonymous? Nobody knows.