The Senate house of Assembly in Nigeria, has approved the sum of N27, billion Naira which is equivalent to $69.6 Million USD just to renovate the senate building meant for meetings, do note that this building does not house any of the Senators or house of reps as it's primary purpose is only for 'gatherings'. - FGN gives National Assembly N27 Billion, excludes health budget and UBE in a revised budget.

So we converted the N27 billion Naira value to dollars which is $69.695532.00 million dollars, then we googled how much the cost of the complete building of the white house (Truman renovation, which dismantled the old white house building completely and rebuild it to the building we see today), the total building cost was just $5.4 Million dollars which was completed in 1951(660 days). According to Wikipedia

But are we in 1950s? Or is the value of money in 1950s the same as 2020? BIG NO! Let's do the calculation by 1951 to 2020 by value again. $5.4 Million dollars in 1951 is equivalent to $55,506,384.00 million in 2020 as of today. So, the senate building "renovation" is still more expensive than the white house building because N27 billion stands at $69.695532.00 million dollars. For renovation that no Senator sleeps in. This value rate overtime is done by dollartimes. Calculated by dollartimes

Meanwhile, the last White House renovation in 2017 by President Donald Trump reportedly cost $1.7 Million dollars, that is N658.5 Million Naira. Trump's Administration has spent $1.75 Million on renovating, decorating the white house including offices - According to NBC reported by TownandCountryMag

Notwithstanding the fact that this is in a pandemic, and for country already experiencing recession in a way, $1 US Dollars today is 387.40 Nigerian Naira as against the 360 - 365 normal value.

A lot of Nigerians have reacted to the fact the government was borrowing money to control the pandemic that hits the country and is still spending that much money on a building renovation during this period while cutting down the health, UBEC budget.

Banky Wellington tweeted that in a period where the citizens are trying to afford health care and food, the government chose to renovate a building with an amount of money that would have solved the both problems. 

"Banky Wellington has condemned his primary constituency, the National Assembly of Nigeria, over their insensitivity in appropriating 27 billion Naira to themselves in austerity " @Firstladyship on Twitter.

Mr Kelvin Odaz on Twitter "Politicians are passing laws that benefits themselves, you'd won't see the opposition party opposing such laws. You won't see PDP senators opposing the N27 Billion budget for renovating NASS. Or see PDP/APC opposing the exorbitant salaries and allowances lawmakers are paid. The reason is because they two parties is filled with people with similar interest, from similar backgrounds, with similar ideologies.

The Politicians who is in PDP today will be in APC tomorrow. Those in APC will be in PDP tomorrow. The parties are one and same. PDP =APC If the two chambers decide to completely stop spending any money on education, health and use all the money to pay lawmakers, you won't find any opposition. That is because they didn't run for office because they cared about Nigeria in any way. It is their own INTERESTS first It is no secret that a huge chunk of our National budget is spend on servicing salaries. Too many redundant Government agencies and of course the playing our lawmakers. We are not serious Until we start cutting down the cost of Government administration in this country. It will always beg the question.Why do we need so much lawmakers?And why are we paying them such huge amount?

Anyway, I pray we make sense of these anomalies.I'd always recommend @theavalondaily for such discourses.We need to understand the problems in order to solve them. " 

"The N27 billion Naira to be wasted on National Assembly Building renovation would have been better utilized if it is directed at renovating all the Nigerian Police barracks nationwide. Police officers do more for our nation than those guys that loot billions of Nigeria in the name of Constituency Projects." Mr Deji Adeyanju. (@DejiAdeyanju) tweeted in reaction to the FG approval.

"The Federal Government has cuts the health budget amidst a terrible pandemic as well as education budget when the country lack the infrastructure for online education yet spends 27 billion Naira on NASS. Is there no longer any commission that counter this? Has it gone this bad???'' Timmie. 

Nigerians have reacted on social media since then, including top celebrities like Wizkid, Femi Kuti, and 2Face idibia over the slash of health budget in a pandemic while still carrying on the renovation budget.

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