We often don't ask ourselves the questions "how do i benefit from my phone? How do i build a legacy with my phone or how do i make money with my phone?√?¬†Maybe you have been doing the wrong things with your phone.√?¬†

Instead of doing these things listed below, try to focus on the things that are beneficial.

Instead of WASTING TIME, by doing something that is of no benefits, LEARN INVESTING - there are billions of people who now indulge in investments as a second or an added source of income, are you part of them? No? You can research which investments are trending presently in your country, you can venture into real estate, buy stocks, bonds, Exchange trade, buy shares, or even learn trading yourself. These are some of the things you can learn from your phone.√?¬†An Article on Ruleoneimvesting discusses 6 types of investments and things that are not investments.

Instead of PLAYING GAMES with your phones always, SELL PRODUCTS, This is quite easy, you can sit in the comfort of your home and do research on what you can actually profit from, what products you will be able to sell and how to sell them. After you make a decision on which product you want to sell, there are very reliable e-commerce companies such as Aliexpress, Alibaba and Jumia, that sell those products at a very affordable price range, with low delivery fees, buy the ones you want to start reselling, And you're good to go. When buying try to avoid the first ones listed, go deep in your search category to find one of the most cheapest ones, as most items that appear first on your search and promoted or flittered, so try to avoid them and search very down the pages for affordable prices. How to sell them? You can advertise it on social media, on Instagram using popular hashtags that will attract people to see your products and services, advertise it on Twitter using trending hashtags, and call for people to retweet it. Sure Twitter is good for this. Actually, Twitter flitters tweets to display to your country/or region before the outside region. For example, if you're in the United Kingdom and you tweet using a trending hashtag, people in the UK sees your tweets first except they set otherwise. So this is really good for business and advertising as we have seen. You can also advertise on your Facebook profile, page, and in other groups and promotional pages. You can't do the work yourself? Pay a good online Promoter. And watch your products. There are also other free online markets applications or websites that enable every users to post their products for free and sell, you just have to find the most used one in your country.√?¬†

So, Instead of WATCHING VIDEOS,√?¬†create online SHOPS, sell or be a referral.

Instead of WATCHING MOVIES, CREATE PAGES, you notice creators, content creators are really making a lot of money in recent times through their audience, people pay then to advertise to their audience, and if it's Facebook, with 10,000 likes on your page, you can apply to monetize your page, which means Facebook ads will be shown on your page and you will start earning.

You can also earn from having a large number of followers on Instagram pages, through promotional ads, and Instagram IGTV Monetization is coming, this means, creators who post videos on their IGTV channel will be able to earn money as ads will be displayed before the video, and in-ads video, profitable proposal right? So there are many ways of earning from your Pages. Strategies And How To Be Popular This Year Using Social Media, And It's Benefits In 2020 READ details

FOLLOWING PEOPLE, OPENING NOTIFICATION,√?¬†CONTINUOUS SCROLLING, not profitable,√?¬†But FLIPPING ITEMS, WATCH COURSES, DEVELOP GOOD HABITS to apply in your social networking, definitely will profit you.

Apps that benefits you. (Entrepreneur tips)