We are going to critically review the two popular e-commerce in Nigeria, Africa, Jumai and Konga, and you will decide which one you should shop from. We will partially review the Jumia Return Policy in Nigeria and Konga Return Policy in Nigeria.

Jumia is a leading e-commerce company that ships globally and most of their items are shipped from China. In Africa, Jumia appears to be leading when it comes to E-commerce services and professionalism.

While Konga, a slightly fall out from Jumia is also an E-commerce but 99% of its items are mostly delivered from Lagos, while some of them are already used or either refurbished, repackaged by their merchants to resell.

Jumia Return Policy

Jumai has one of the most reliable and open sources/free access return policy when it comes to E-commerce, and any online business, Just as Amazon, Alibaba, Aliexpress and alikes Jumia strives to make sure to retrieve a faulty and fabricated item from the customer, immediately it's reported.

How do i return an order on Jumia? This shouldn't bother you because, Jumia return form is publicly on Google for easy access and to everyone, and a RETURN button appears on every item that is delivered, with a maximum of 15 days, if within that period the item is found to be faulty, you can return it and your refund is sent immediately after inspection.

Does Konga has a return policy ? Konga Return Policy.

No, From different reviews gathered from customers on the internet, Konga as a Nigerian website does not have a return policy (at least a reliable one, or a feature close to Jumia), However, Konga advertises Free 7 days return policy on their website but it is a "confidence trick" as the e-commerce will clearly let you know it's not possible when you want return to it, even though you report it within 30 minutes of delivery, You may still not be qualified. This makes it really difficult to understand how it works, as you don't get the chance to fill any form or explanation or even confirm a delivery. It is marked "Delivery confirmed" with no option to return if fake or faulty, or whether you receive it or not, or you are satisfied with the delivery or item. You are not in any position to negotiate this "Delivery Confirmed".

We are going to examine products purchased from Konga and Jumia.

"I ordered a smart sports wristband from Jumia, that was shipped from China, after which upon delivery, I discovered it's not a smart wristwatch as it can not be connected to my phone.

I quickly chatted Jumia on Twitter and this was there message starting with an apology for dissatisfying me.

"We are sincerely sorry to learn about your experience with your order and apologize for every inconvenience caused.

The return for your order - 34*******6 has been initiated.You will be contacted for pick up within 1 to 4 business days.Please ensure that the item you return is in its original condition, packaging content, including accessories, password deactivated(if any), and free items. This will help us value you as a loyal Jumia customer."

And the next day I was contacted by the same delivery men, who came to pick the package, however, it took them quite some days, I think, a week and the money was refunded to my JumiaPay for withdrawal or shopping.

While Jumai has an open-source and easily access return item from everywhere on google, and a click "initiate refund" option that in just a minute, it will be sent for review and pick up. Jumia Refund Policy and Form.

Konga Fake Return Policy.

Meanwhile, Konga does not have an open-source or free access refund. So when you ask "how do I return my order on Konga" or "should I buy from Konga or Jumia" just know it's almost impossible to return an item on Konga, but there are few things you can do and you should know.

Konga Nigeria return form is not accessible for any customer, and only them "Konga" know the criteria to return an item, you will see the advertisement on their homepage and user dashboard which states "7 days easy return" but when you click on it, it will take you nowhere to return the item, you may want to try it out before deciding if "you should shop from Konga".

Unlike jumia that just by typing "Jumia refund policy or form" 2 clicks away from Google will take you to initiate a refund, Konga is not so. Well, this was examined using the faulty item delivered.

Here's another awesome customer review, ranking high on Google, when you type "Konga return policy" on Desktop view, it ranks 5th on Google, titled "Konga Disgraceful Return Policy".Konga Disgraceful Return Policy - on LinkedIn

The article which was published by Iretioluwa DARAMOLA, a senior legal manager, states how rude, insincere, and unreliable they are. It was first published on LinkedIn in 2015, and 5 years later Konga seems to be the same, The man explained how he spent a fortune in purchasing a large number of items with the hope of its advertised warranty and safety return but to his disappointment, he '' got treated badly and never got a penny from the faulty item". He bought a JVC Television which stopped working, and " Konga was the seller " and after he found out it is a defective TV, he contacted them and according to Konga " After 7 days, it is not their business ", The article is ranked high because of many interactions under it, 80% of the comments seem to have experienced the same issues.

Does Konga have a warranty?

According to reviews and most especially by Iretioluwa DARAMOLA's article on the LinkedIn share, Konga does not have a warranty, and it's 7 days return is titled and widely accepted as "Konga Disgraceful, Embarrassing and Disappointing Return Policy" because you will not be able to return the item after 7 days if you notice it is faulty, fabricated, and even the 7 days it is not easy to return on time before the 7 days expire.

Another reviews by techcabal explains why you should avoid resellers or third-party retailers on Konga. LINK: Reasons you should avoid resellers on Konga. He ordered a 16G external desktop flash drive and it was the opposite that was delivered.

But who sells on Konga? It is retailers, resellers and wholesalers so it's impossible to avoid them on Konga, but are they being investigated for selling fabricated items? No. Are sellers on Konga punished for selling fake items? Never heard of! Because it seems to have started way back in 2014 to 2020 and still going on.

How do I return order on Konga? What are the requirements to return an Order on Konga?

The question should be "Can i be able return my order on Konga?", When i chatted with them about a faulty product/item, Konga said I should assist them with a video of the product, and 2 days later I received a mail that I should them a video of how the product is faulty. Isn't that ridiculous? This is very much unlike Jumia, Well, I unpacked it for the 3rd time and sent the video, and 5 days gone I never got any response.

Oh, i forgot, they sent the seller assumed to be part of this fraudulent act, by selling a fake, already spoilt and used item, her store name isdupsykenny ventures, she was sent my private number who called and was trying to force me in saying it is the settings of the item that is making it not to function, and that it is not set correctly and maybe I should reset it well and try again, I figured out if seller choose not to accept a return, you should consider the fake delivery a deal done and sealed. Unprofessional, embarrassing,and very NIGERIAN right? This has got to be my worse experience i have ever had online since i started shopping online, and this unprofessional approach from Konga makes Konga shopping "a dead-end" or a one-stop shop, or in the nigerian idiom "Konga one chance". Unlike Jumia that the next day, they just came to the house and picked it up, Konga kept distributing my private number, and was deliberately compelling me to accept a faulty item by maintaining silent.

Should i buy an electronic product, a device or phone on Konga?

Someone by the name Scofield, explained he bought a tecno phone on Konga that was faulty, and only one sim card was functional but to his surprise, 2 weeks later Konga never contacted him even promising they will get back to him, he raised this question on Naira land. anyone ever return an item on Konga successfully? - Nairaland

Another Customer Review by a name called Obiodun Ogundimi titled Konga is a deceitful and unjust website.Konga Facebook customer review

Updated: June 8th, 9:52 AM.

Konga Do Not Have Refund Policy.

In respect to Konga Refund Policy. This is the message they will keep sending you every 3 days. Then on the 3rd time, your 7 days may have expired likewise your chances of refund, unlike Jumia that retrieves the item immediately, Konga will keep sending you emails until you are either tired, the reason is to make you give up, as an E-commerce that really have a refund policy will make retrieval for inspection, Konga will wish to inspect the item online and in pictures, how is that possible? This is their message sent in 3 different consecutives time.

"To further aid the resolution of your complaint, please be informed that you are required to a short video clip of the delivered item(s) and its package (carton & styrofoam if applicable) showing different views of the product, and IMEI/Serial number.

Kindly ensure that the video clip shows the issue you are experiencing with the device so we can relate it to the seller of the product and ensure a faster resolution.

Once this video is received, we will follow up with the seller to ensure that the issue is resolved as soon as possible.

You can simply reply this mail with the pictures attached or send via our official Whatsapp number (08094605555) stating the order number."

However, everyone reserve the right to give feedback or rating in which ever you choose to, so if you ever fell prey of an online shopping con like in the hands of Konga, be bold and exercise your rights, Go to Facebook, create a page in their name and write your feedback, Facebook will automatically pick it up and display it on Searcy engines when someone is searching for an in depth review.

At at the end, the answer you will always receive from Konga when you want to make a return for a faulty product is a mail that reads like this. "Thank you for choosing to shop on konga.com, your trusted online mall. I am sorry to read about the dissatisfying experience with your purchased item, we always want you to have a hitch free experience with all of your purchases on the platform. This is a follow up on your return request for the item {Shake 'n" Take Smoothie Blender} which was delivered to you in order F1776788***003.

I am sorry to inform you that we are unable to accept a return of the item as the merchant has declined your request for a return due to the reasons below:

- The right item/size/colour was delivered

- The item is not defective or damaged and functions as described

From the video clip we received, it shows that the blender was not plugged in before trying to use it." Konga will scam you when you make a formal request to return a faulty item. So instead of shopping on Konga where once you collect an item and it enters your gate you won't be getting a refund for the faulty item, I will advise you to shop on Jumia.com that have a reliable refund policy that you can trust when you want to make a return.

Our next review will be focusing on the customer price and quality, and the user-friendly of both applications. Duration and if it's worth it.