The former Minister of Nigerian Petroleum is now a Commissioner in the Domican Republic. According to reports, she was issued a diplomatic passport as far back in 2015 on the 21st of May before the new administration led by President Muhammadu Buhari, she now holds a diplomatic passport with the ID DP0000445 issued by the Dominican Republic government.

Diezani Madueke-Allison is still a Nigerian citizen and a valid Nigerian Politician.

Diezani Madueke is also on the EFCC watchlist for corruption charges pressed against her way back shortly after the Buhari led administration. 3 months ago, Ibrahim Magu, The Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) said the United Kingdom is protecting Mrs. Diezani and he doesn't know why they're shielding her. Magu laments about her long overdue prosecution in the UK which was taking 5 years and said that the Nigerian government has more than enough evidence to prosecute her case in the court, He said this is not like a "murder case that takes a very long processes, it is a corruption and financial crime and the EFCC have enough evidences". Magu said they are yet to declare any evidence they have found against Mrs. Allison Madueke, and the UK was still relying on their evidence but won't allow her extradition for reasons best known to them.

According to the guardian, Mrs. Allison Madueke was to be extradited this year by EFCC, Magu reveals, this was reported 3 months ago but will her new Diplomatic status serve as immunity to her?. Alison Madueke will be extradited this year by EFCC - Guardian. 

There are allegations for corruption misconduct while serving as a former Petroleum Minister, she has been charged for $20 Billion missing under care while in the agency among other corruption and financial charges.

Mrs. Diezani Madueke Allison was confirmed the appointment of Trade and Investment Commissioner for the commonwealth of the republic of Dominica.