Not defining your brand. 

before starting the design First impression last and the way your brand comes across will define who and what you are.

Get it wrong the first time and you will struggle to regain their trust back and your clients will look elsewhere. That's why you need to have a well-planned brand roadmap and strategy that help you and your team help you and your team better understand who you are and why you matter?

Not using a set of clear brand guidelines.

As your business brand grows, it is not uncommon for its sytle to change and evolve. This mostly happen happen when you are simultaneously working 

with different designers, or when making your own passionate designs. That's why it is important to create a set of brand and style guides for both printed and website elements to serve as a book for your business - logo design files, logo usage, icons, Colour palettes, imagery style, fonts & typography etc.

I can do it myself.

A small business owner who sets up all on their own has to think where to spend their funds to get the best value. They often resort to trying to do everything themselves, and that includes design.

It is fine to take on those simple design projects that you can handle but when it comes to larger campaigns that are going to impact on how your brand will be received. I would advise seeking professional assistance.

Creating a brand design only you like.

Some things can start to go wrong when we start getting emotionally involved with our personal likes and tastes. We lose track of the actual goal which is to attract your ideal customer.

That's not to say your tastes and personality should be completely removed from the design process, but they should at least be carefully considered to what's best for your brand and for your customer.

Building your brand on only one platform.

Social media networks provides a fantastic opportunity to reach more people. On the downside, there is the fact that these channels are outside of your control. Your following could all be gone in a split second.

Creating your own website and growing your own mobile and email subscribers are the most important things I would recommend. However, before you create them you must first design a unique and memorable brand identity. One of the most recommended social networking networks to build your brand is on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and maybe you can add others. 

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