The President of Burundi has died of a heart attack at the age of 55 according to the Government. However, sources inside dismisses that the cause of death is in fact Covid-19 and not a cardiac arrest as reported by the government.

His wife, The First Lady of Burundi, Denise Nkurunziza is presently being treated for Coronavirus in Nairobi, Kenya. She was living with her husband before the symptoms got critical and was flown to Kenya.

Pierre Nkurunziza ruled the country for 15 years and an election, that was won by his anointed successor was just held few days ago, The late President never closed the country's economy not even for a day, he is the only President in Africa that dismisses the news of Coronavirus.

Apart from Pierre Nkurunziza's wife who is hospitalized in Nairobi, Kenya, His mother is also hospitalized in Ngozi, Burundi. Along with his sister and other members of his family. all are sick according to sources inside Burundi.

In the midst of a pandemic, where every other African country was in lockdown during the massive spread, Burundi was fully functional and operational because the President dismisses the news of the emergence of the virus, he reportedly said: "it was just a flu, nothing serious". Does this ring a bell? 

According to Mr. Abrahim Mutai, "Coronavirus got to President Pierre Nkurunziza of Burundi a few days ago. He flew his wife to Nairobi Karen. Robert Alai Kept track of this woman to the hospital she is currently held in. In the meantime just like Tanzania, Nkurunziza told his people Corona was just the flu! He is now dead!"

The President put politics and economy ahead of the virus, a few days ago, an election was held in the country with no safety guidelines. 

These are reactions on social media upon the announcement of his death. "My congratulations goes to the long suffering people of Burundi on their deliverance from the 'Eternal Supreme Guide' Pierre Nkurunziza. May the victims of his repressive regime find justice and peace."

The President started ruling the country at age 40, and the country protested against his forthcoming rule. He was due to step down as President in August after 15years in power. He died at 55.